Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Animatic of the Semester

just had my final critique, it went pretty well for me. The professors seemed to enjoy it quite a lot considering I presented after a girl left in tears (which is a huge buzz kill for my presentation, but it still got the laughs). They want me to take out the female narration and make it more in the style of The Office than This American Life, and have a few more panels of around Steve's house. Maybe downplay the weirdness of the ending a bit. Most of the changes sound pretty do-able though. Also, they really dug my art style, which is incredibly relieving.

and here's my Vertical Slice...may not be worth posting in Standard Definintion

I'll do a bit more work over the animatic this summer but I'll try to focus mostly on modeling and some rigging first and foremost. The updates may be a bit more sporadic here as a result.

and the latest turn table for my character modeling

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